Bug in Lock code Manager..?

I'm updating User codes from 4 digits to 7 digits in Lock Code Manager and it appears that LCM is not changing users e.g. record pointer stays sticks on one user, even though I've selected a different user. I'll attach screen shots.

Not sure what's going on. Did you first delete all existing codes from LCM before reconfiguring the locks to use 7 digit codes instead of 4 digit codes?

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Thanks for your reply. No, I just changed from 4 digit to 7. I think what is going on is the latency built into dealing with locks. I must of been entering change requests while a lock update was pending. It was weird, as the only codes the locks had were the 'always enabled' codes. I ended up deleting all the old codes and re-entering, without the enable/disable dates set and fewer of them. I think I was expecting too much performance out of the locks.... they are not servers. :slight_smile:

The problem most likely was that while you were trying to enter 7 digit codes, the 4 digit still existed. Most locks (I think actually all of them) don’t allow a mix of code length on the lock. They all must be the same code length at the same time.

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Ahhh, that makes sense and explains the behavior. This would never have occurred to me, so thanks!

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