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Good day, I have noted a bug in Temperature comparisons of greater than or equal to (same for less than or equal to) are not capturing the comparative value. Example, if x is >=80 then off. The value is in the rule, yet it is not picked up in the logs.

While there's not a lot of information to go on here, it sounds similar to this bug that will be addressed an upcoming hotfix:



Thanks! Unfortunately, this is what I see at that link Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

It's a link in the Beta section...if you're not a member of the Beta group you can't see it. :slight_smile:

Not sure when this started, just noticed it. Screenshots say it all.


Bug just introduced with the range operator. Fix coming...


That explains that. Not beta, production.

Example logs:
app:21392022-06-29 11:23:27.228 am infoAction: Exit Rule (skipped)

app:21392022-06-29 11:23:27.226 am infoAction: Off: Office AC Outlet (skipped)

app:21392022-06-29 11:23:27.225 am infoAction: IF (Temperature of Office Door Gen5 Multisensor(80.30) is <= (F) [FALSE]) THEN (skipped)

app:21392022-06-29 11:23:27.205 am infoAction: ELSE (skipping)

app:21392022-06-29 11:23:27.197 am infoAction: On: Office AC Outlet

app:21392022-06-29 11:23:27.195 am infoAction: IF (Temperature of Office Door Gen5 Multisensor(80.30) is >= (T) [TRUE]) THEN

app:21392022-06-29 11:23:27.149 am infoTriggered

app:21392022-06-29 11:23:27.117 am infoEvent: Office Main motion inactive

If you manually run the action u will.have no value. It needs to be fired through an actual trigger.

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It's about the current code, just posted to the Beta section. I added the content of the posts from that thread in my post above.


I was good on Update this morning broke existing apps that use comparative conditions for actions.

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Sorry - can't help you w/your current problem, just wanted to clarify why you couldn't see the post, and what the content is. @bertabcd1234 thought the post might be related to your issue. Also note @kahn-hubitat's comment above...

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Rolling back to x.131 removed this bug (and failing notifications bug too.) Changes from .131 to .132 certainly appear to be where the bug(s) are introduced.

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Tagging @bravenel - lord of the RM.

@c.michael.gamble - he's going to want a screen shot of your rule, and a screen shot (not text copy) of relevant logs.

There is a known bug in that causes condition values to disappear. Fix coming today.



New release is out that fixes this.


I was hoping the new "in range" test would work on custom attributes. Is this just an oversight or the way it is going to be?

Haven't gotten to it.

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Understood, thanks for the reply. Really looking forward to the ability!

It will be handled. Next release, whenever that turns out to be.


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