Bug: Don't get entire applicable list of door sensors for delayed intrusion

At least in release

Initially had set specific doors in Intrusion Away - let's say front, back doors.

When editing Intrusion Away, changed to set "Use every open/close, motion and shock sensor"

Then, Arming/Disarming/Cancel options - Delay Intrusion Armed-Away alerts for only select doors continues to only present the list you can delay to include the front, back doors.

Manually reverting Intrusion Away to specific doors, add in garage door. Set it back to use every open. Now, Delay list presents front, back and garage door.

IT SHOULD, when set to "all open/close", MINIMALLY present the entire list of open/close options without the above workaround. It probably should include all sensors in the "include class" to exclude motion/shock (or any other device that could trigger alert) as they are added in with the "use all" option.

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