[Bug] Device Sorting by Label (Name) Broken

When clicking on the 'Label (Name)' header on the Devices page, my devices are not sorted alphabetically.

HW Rev C-7, Platform v2.2.3.119


This works for me ( It should sort based on the name that is displayed, which is the device label if set, otherwise the device name. Does anything at all happen if you try?

My best guess: what browser are you using? Edge (particularly the EdgeHTML versions) is a notable player that is not supported, but recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari should all be OK. My second-best guess: you also need to make sure JavaScript is not disabled.

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Using latest version of Firefox. JS is not disabled.

Label is set for all devices. Clicking the header toggles reverses order of incorrectly sorted list.

A complete reset of my hub resolved this issue.

It appears there was an issue setting up the hub out-of-the-box. Is there recommended guidance to reset/default the hub after initial power-up before attempting to configure?

@bobby I'm experiencing something similar to this. It's not exclusive to one hub, either. It's been happening since this summer.

Sorting mostly works, but something is wrong and it's like elements get shifted to different locations based off of device or ... who knows?

In this example, notice how two of the Living Room bulbs are in-between Dining Room, and Bathroom ... and then other one is where it should be, in the L-section.

It's not an issue with using hyphens/spaces, as the names are copied and pasted between the devices and use the same characters.

The more devices I add, the more frustrating this becomes :slight_smile: