[Bug] Dashboard - Operating Fan Sets Light to Off - Resolved

Have a dashboard with a temperature display and controls for a fan. Issue description and equipment/software list are below.


Replacing the KOF Fan Controller driver with the built-in HE driver resolved the issue.


Switching speeds or turning fan off (all fan buttons are toggle on/off) sets light control to off without turning light off.

Steps to reproduce

Case 1

  • Fan & Light off
  • Turn light on (any level)
    ** Light comes on at chosen level
  • Turn on Fan (any speed)


Fan turns on at chosen speed, Light remains on, Dashboard shows. Light as off.

Case 2

  • Fan & Light off
  • Turn fan on (any speed)
    ** Fan come at at chosen speed
  • Turn on light (any level)
    ** Light comes on at chosen level
  • Turn fan off or change speed


Fan turns off or changes to requested speed. Light remains on. Dashboard shows Light as off.


Any combination I have tried gives the same result. Once the issue occurs, light can no longer be controlled by Dashboard. Light must be turned of via remote control or Devices in Hubitat.

Dashboard - Home



Drivers Code

  • KOF Fan Controller - v1.0.20180602
  • KOF Zigbee Fan Light Child - v1.0.20180522
  • KOF Zigbee Fan Speed Child - v1.0.20180522

Apps Code

  • Advanced Button Controller
  • ABC Button Mapping


  • Lutron Integrator


Issue was apparently with KOF driver. After upgrading firmware removed the KOF driver and began using native driver. The native driver is not as feature rich as KOF but, it does not exhibit the reported issue.

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The built in driver for the fan has been improved in the latest firmware update. I have transitioned to this driver myself and recommend you give it a whirl.

If you really want to keep using my custom driver, shoot me a PM with all the driver version numbers and I could help you troubleshoot.

See here

Figured out how to swap driver and re-created the child devices. The first time it only created the Fan child though. The Pico that controls the Light has been reconfigured (ala ABC), tested and works fine.

With the KOF Driver, there were separate devices for each Fan speed. The Pico for the Fan had each button set to toggle the various speed levels (low, med, med-high, high, auto) on/off. Not sure how to do that with the built-in driver.

Yep..its one of the things I miss about my driver.
I created a 6 button virtual button device and mapped each speed using ABC. Then added each button to my dashboard for control. Not as simple but functional until they add a fan template to the dashboard.

Oh...and you would need to update to the latest version of my ABC app as well. Only added SetSpeed functionality today.

I'm not sure how this is a dashboard issue? It seems like a driver issue as the main driver is handling the switch on or off or level. Dashboard just sends that. Its up to the driver how to handle it properly, especially with child devices.

Patrick, I remember there was some wonkiness that would occur if I put the parent controller on the dashboard. This is a non issue at this point but I figured I would let you know.

I built my custom driver similar to ST (primarily with simplifying voice control in mind) and the following applies to the parent controller driver:

On/Off changed the fan state. (Alexa turn the den fan on)
SetLevel changed the light state (Alexa set the den fan to 20%)
Individual speed control was configured by the child devices (Alexa turn on den fan medium)

When this parent device was placed on the dashboard as a dimmer, it would flake out when the slider was adjusted. I assume because it also expects that the device status should now be on. Because this is a hybrid driver that is not the case and the dashboard seems to get confused.

I mention this only to make you and others aware of the "issue" and don't expect any changes in HE as this is probably not supported but it is something to keep on mind none the less.

From the Owner's POV, the issue only presents via the Dashboard. No issues were noted via the Pico's etc.

Which driver has this issue? If its built in I can test it and we can fix the driver handling of commands. If its a community driver it will be up to the author to fix.

Dashboard is very simple in its execution what ever device you assign to the template it will only send on or off to that if a switch or level it just sends set level and the value. What the driver does after that is up to it.

Let me know if its built in and we can look into recreating the issue.

At the time I was using the following:

  • KOF Fan Controller - v1.0.20180602
  • KOF Zigbee Fan Light Child - v1.0.20180522
  • KOF Zigbee Fan Speed Child - v1.0.20180522

Perm @stephack's recommendation, I've transitioned to the built-in HE driver. Once I've finished the reconfiguration and testing I'll mark the issue resolved.