Bug: Dashboard links over HTTPS

When browsing to the "Dashboards" link on the left-side menu. I noticed that the "tiles" that appeared on the right that should be links to the dashboards I have set up don't seem to work. I did some digging in my browser's logs, and it said it had blocked some "mixed content" in this area, which got me to thinking it must be because I was using HTTPS. Sure enough, I reverted to HTTP and the dashboard links work as expected. (Interestingly, they sometimes still did work if I clicked on the "Cloud" instead of "Local" heading, and it also seems to work if I open just that entire frame in a separate window.)

Also, not to get into debates about semantic coding, but this digging also exposed that all of these rectangular "tiles" and the rectangles inside rectangles and whatnot (that make it appear pretty) appear to be <div>s; I'm not sure if I saw a true <a> anywhere. I'm assuming this page is faking it and making them effectively look and work as links by way of JavaScript. I'm not sure why it's doing this, unless it's to switch between the "Local" and "Cloud" links without needing to reload the page, but it definitely seems like this problem would be avoided (with that small cost) if this were done differently.

To be clear, here's how to reproduce:

  1. Visit your hub's admin page over HTTPS, i.e., https://your.hub.ip.address. (Prerequisite to the next steps: make sure you have at least one dashboard set up in the Hubitat Dashboard app.)
  2. Click the "Dashboards" link on the left-side menu. Alternatively, skip step 1 and just go right to https://your.hub.ip.address/dashboards.
  3. Verify that your list of dashboards appears on the right. Try to click one. Notice it will likely fail.

For added clarification:

  1. Switch between the "Local" and "Cloud" heading; switching to "Cloud" sometimes makes the links work, though I imagine this depends on the browser.
  2. Switch the URL from HTTPS to HTTP. Verify that the problem i step #3 no longer occurs with either local or cloud links.

I tested with Firefox and Safari on macOS (and I think Safari on iOS), all latest versions. Not sure what all OS and browser combinations this may affect--or if it's just me. I imagine this has happened ever since HTTPs was introduced, but I can't remember when the "Dashboard" link on the left was introduced, and I figured I was just using it wrong or clicking in the wrong spot until I tried the HTTP UI and realized how well it's actually supposed to work. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. This will be addressed in a future update.

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