[BUG] Changing variable resets everything

As already mentioned in this thread is resetting everything only because of selecting another variable a big "no go":

This happens e.g. when you edit a set variable action:

Everything still OK:

But after only selecting another variable:

All the settings for this action are gone!?! :open_mouth:

And to make everything even more unsatisfying:
There is no possibility to UNDO!

I have seen something that seems to me to be very similar to what you are showing. When it was investigated by @bravenel, the cause of the issue was found to be with the driver code.

There can be a problem with how the attribute was declared in the driver (Ex.: “Text” versus “ENUM”).

I am not a developer, so this was a bit over my head... Assuming that this problem is with a community driver, the developer might be able to make some code modifications to fix this. Alternatively, if you can code in Groovy, you might be able to make/test some changes yourself to see if it fixes the issue.

Hi @Sebastien, thanx a lot for your answer!

But the problem shown in my example is 100% driver independent; In fact no device is touched in this rule action.

Setting variables are completly done by Rule Machine itself.
BTW: Where is the source code for Rule Machine published? :thinking:

Ah! Then it might be a different issue...

It is not. It is proprietary to Hubitat.

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