BUG - Adding new tiles make dashboard un-arranged!

Adding new tiles make dashboard un-arranged !
Every time you add a new tile / tiles it messes up all your current tiles.
It should add new tiles to anywhere there are NO tiles. < see pic
added ep01 and 02 and they were added in the middle and moved door lock down.


Noticed the same...

I was going to post about this as well, I'm glad I scanned all the new posts before cluttering things up with a duplicate. I will add that this occurs when adding devices from the Dashboard tab and clicking the Save/Update dashboard button.

A second, perhaps worse, effect is that when adding devices from an unlocked dashboard using the gear icon not only are existing tiles moved, but all tiles that have been moved around while the dashboard has been unlocked revert to their previous locations.


Noticed that to .. it almost takes the same amount of time to make a ezy dash
then the org. dash did LOL because of this it can be a pain ..