Bug? adding new switch to simple automation rule doesn't trigger


Has anyone tried to add a new switch (in my case an ikea outlet) to an existing simple automation rule (v1.1) and had it work?
The rule seems defined properly but only the original switch is flipped on.

I originally defined my rule to turn on my outdoor christmas lights (controlled by an innovelli switch) at sunset and turn them off at 11:15pm. This was working great.

Then we put up the christmas tree and I attached it to an ikea outlet and added the outlet to the simple automation rule. What I have found is that the christmas tree wont get turned on, but it does get turned off.

I thought it might be because the on action was a "Turn on & Set Level" so I changed it to just a Turn On. That didn't fix it.

Looking at the log for the event, I see the Turn On and anti-Turn On events, but those events don't give you the detail of what devices they are affecting. And when I look in the system past logs, I see that the outdoor switch was turned on, but there was no event indicating that the outlet was turned on, until I turned it on manually.

Any suggestions on how to fix it? Should I just remove the app and recreate it?