Bug _ Navigation

I was in the "settings" of an app, because I wanted to download the .json files.
No problem.
After the download, at the top left (in the following screenshot), is the word "Settings".
It takes you to the Hub settings, not the settings of the app that you're working on.

This is repeatable - the "Settings" in the top left corner should not take you to the Hub Settings, but rather the App Settings.
In Chrome Browser, under Windows 10.

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Repeatable? And helpful if you can ID the OS/Browser you're seeing this on. :slight_smile:


This is known, and due to the Setting called Restore Apps, where the link is appropriate. We will look into removing the link for the other uses. However, it should be noted that even if that is done, it will not return to the App Status page in any case. If you hit Done on this page after downloading an export, that will take you the Apps Page. That is not going to change. So, ultimately, having the Settings link there is not really an issue, as in no case will this return to the App Status page.