BST and HD+ dashboard. Help needed

Are there any UK HE users also using HD+ as their dashboard?

Now that BST is upon us I am having issues with some times being displayed minus 1 hour. For example, a hub variable is shown by the device list as '9999-99-99T10:12:21.021+0100' but is displayed by HD+ as 09:12 am. If I edit the time in HD+ to 11:12 am the HE device display now shows '9999-99-99T11:12:21.021+0000' and HD+ now shows it as 11:12 am.

If I then use RM to set the hub variable to current time the HE device displays as '9999-99-99T10:21:18.018+0100' and HD+ displays as 09:21 am.

So it is clearly to do with the +xxxx portion of the time.

I will need to raise the issue with the HD+ developer but clearly a change would impact other users, so would appreciate some feedback from UK users.

Any advice gladly received.

You should post this in the HD+ development thread. The dev will answer fairly quickly

In order to troubleshoot this issue, you may want to try adjusting your time zone settings in both HE and HD+ to ensure that they are properly synced. You may also want to check for any updates or patches to HD+ that may address this issue, or reach out to the developer for further assistance.

Thanks for your reply.

I have checked HE and time is set correctly to BST. There is no setting in HD+ for time zone so I guess that it takes it from Android which is also set to BST.

I will contact the developer.

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