[BROKEN] Log Watchdog - Keep an eye on what's important in the log

Introducing 'Log Watchdog'
Keep an eye on what's important in the log.


  • Search the log in real time based on keywords you select
  • Keysets consists of a 'main keyword or phrase', 'up to 4 secondary keywords' and '2 doesn't contain keywords'
  • Display the a list of errors on your dashboard!
  • When a keyset has a match, log item can also be pushed

Apps can be found on my GitHub or by using the Hubitat Package Manager.
(HPM is highly recommended)

When reporting problems...

  • Be sure you are on the latest version. I won't troubleshoot an older version.
  • Turn on debug and screenshot the issue happening in the log. One line or just the error doesn't cut it. I need a log.
  • Post the screenshot of the log with an explanation of the problem.




It's hard for me to get my mind around this one from the text description, but it sounds useful to me. I guess I need to just install it and play with it. :slight_smile:

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Just added this to the description in the first post, hopefully it'll help!

  • Search the log in real time based on keywords you select

New driver on github...

V1.0.6 - 09/07/19 - Added some error catching

Hey Bryan, I'm surprised this thread hasn't attracted more discussion and interest. Do you still consider this to be in beta? I think it's a cool idea for my simple use-case--I want to be warned if I have any Error-level messages in any log across my hubs. Guess I'm lazy--I don't want to have to remember to go check the logs occasionally. I'd rather the Hubitat alert me if there's something that needs my attention.

So I set up my hubs on Log Watchdog yesterday. I configured the keyset with the option to watch for logging level = "Error", and then added no other secondary or tertiary checks. I filled out the rest of the form and the log status indicated "Connected". As soon as I hit done, however, the log was flooded with the below error message every few milliseconds. Even when I deleted the app, the error kept coming. Only when I deleted the child and parent apps, and then rebooted the hub did things seem to return to normal. Wonder what I did wrong....is a secondary check a required element of a keyset?

Also -- curious to better understand what the "Log Watchdog Event" child is for? Couldn't find any clues in the community or on your github. When I click on it, I get an Error 404.

As always, so appreciate what you do......

dev:10132020-06-23 06:34:09.271 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method collectEntries() on null object on line 174 (parse)

Same here. Somehow I missed seeing it the first time. I will give it a shot in the next few days once I have time to mess with it. Bookmarked for future reference.

Ha, ya... this is very much beta. I actually haven't even looked at it in almost a year. There wasn't any interest so I moved on and forgot about it. I'll add it to the list to take a look.


I try to imagine what the @bptworld "list" must look like, and I just SMH. Cheers and TIA.


New version on Github...

Lots of changes in all 3 parts, parent, child and driver.

Also added it to Hubitat Package Manager.


Umm, Bryan, do you actually sleep? Or maybe you're not really one person--you're like twenty people sharing a single account. I refuse to believe you are a solo human. :wink:

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lol, it's only 5:23 pm here (just north of Boston). More goodies coming today!


Installed the new parent NP, but caught an error as soon as I clicked to install the Log Watchdog Child. Tried it on a couple different hubs; same result. Error screen shot and log follow.

app:3272020-06-24 10:20:38.616 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method replaceAll() on null object on line 121 (pageConfig)

app:3262020-06-24 10:20:35.411 pm infoParent Installed OK

app:3262020-06-24 10:20:16.245 pm infoThere are 0 child apps

app:3262020-06-24 10:20:16.239 pm debugInstalled with settings: [:]

try 2.1.1 - 06/25/20 - Fixing bugs


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Seemed to be working so far. Have it installed on two hubs. Noticed two minor things:

  • The log will truncate an error message; the last log message doesn't truncate it.
  • Not sure the notification is working as intended. I get a pushover message. It says, "[child-app-name] - ". Nothing after the dash. Is there supposed to be a reference to the log message or something in the notification.

Will keep poking at it. I now have a Watchdog dashboard--Activity, Battery, Hub, and now Logs. :innocent: :heart_eyes:

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Thanks, I'll look into it.

Give the new version a try. Update both child and driver.


Looking pretty stable. I do notice that the app disconnects periodically. Any suggestions? Any reason I can't just use RM to trigger on disconnect status with a custom action of "Connect" on the tile device? Not sure if Connecting the tile device will do anything to reconnect the child app.

Also, what's the difference between appstatus and status? Thanks Bryan!

Thanks, not sure about why it would disconnect. Will have to look into that.

appStatus is the status of the child app itself. References whether the child app is paused or not.

status is the status of the connection

I would think the values for Status would be Connected or Disconnected. But they're not. What are the values for Status.

If I execute a connect via the device driver, should that reconnect the child app?

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