Broke a rule by editing

So I had a working rule and I wanted to add a section of "Else" coding. So I tried to copy 3 lines that already existed and paste them above the END-IF and below the new ELSE. As soon as I pasted, I got:

Unexpected Error

An unexpected error has occurred trying to load the app. Check Logs for more information.

Error: Command 'currentValue' is not supported by device 104.

Now I can't get back into the rule?? I can't revert to the previous version, I can't edit it, I can't even see it now. So what do I do?

Restore the latest backup. If you didn’t download one before editing, then you can restore the one made automatically this morning (default 2:15 am). Go to Settings, Backup and Restore.


As an alternative to the above, you can also just delete this rule from the App Status page, then re-create (or you could do a little of both, restoring to the old backup temporarily if you need to see what the rule actually was). If you can find how you got to this error, staff can probably find a fix (and maybe could if you show the entry from "Logs" with line number, though maybe not and it wouldn't help you now anyway), otherwise at this point usually redoing it is the best bet.