Broadlink Workaround

Just picked up a Broadlink RM3 Mini IR Blaster for one of my ac units and figured I'd share my method for getting it to play nice with Hubitat and vThermostat. I am aware that there is a Broadlink app by @cybrmage, but 1) it's withdrawn and 2) I couldn't get it to recognize my Broadlink.

I used Alexa as a bridge to get from Hubitat to Broadlink. There are skills for both of them. Alexa can fully control any devices set up in the Broadlink app. Then I added a virtual contact and switch in Hubitat. Alexa wouldn't support a virtual switch as a trigger. The virtual contact has 2 rules set up. When the switch turns on, the contact closes, and when the switch turns off, it opens. This allows vThermostat to use the switch as the cooling device. From there the contact goes in as a trigger for routines in Alexa. One routine for Broadlink AC power on (contact closed) and one for power off (contact open). Now my digital AC works just as well as my "dumb" units that are on zooz plugs.

TL;DR: Temp Sensor -> vThermostat -> Virtual Switch -> Virtual Contact -> Alexa Routine - > Broadlink-> AC unit

We have a new alternate (I've not tried it yet)


If this works (especially since it is supposedly local only), it seems that it would be superior to the OP’s workaround (although I do have to admit that for two years now I used a similar Alexa Skill/Hubitat App workaround to get my YoLink devices working with Hubitat as well as some GE Cync devices to work with Hubitat) along the same lines that the OP did for Broadlink. Although still Cloud dependent, I have used the HE YoLink Integration to simplify things and am moving away from the Alex/YoLink and Hubitat/Alexa Echo Skill method. Still have to rely on GE Cync through Alexa though (I don’t think GE would ever open the API to Cync as they are obviously set up as a “closed garden”/stand alone system).

It would be far superior. I’ll have to try it. Mine is a long walk for a small drink of water kind of thing. My searches here for an app only got to the old withdrawn one so I went with the workaround.

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That may be so but the great thing is that for many integrations, that “long walk” option is not only available, but may also be the only way to take a “sip”. So Matter/Thread aside, that’s what make HE such a flexible option (as long as you can accept the Cloud in some cases). Nice workaround!

Some of the latest RM3 devices, before RM4 released, were using firmware with the RM4-style communication protocol. That's why they didn't work with the withdrawn integration for Hubitat.

Try it with my integration to see if it works.


I replaced the old Broadlink integration with @tomw's new one, and I will say that it has been working GREAT for me. The transition was easy also. I just added his new stuff in, imported the saved codes (copy/pasted from the previous devices), and then sent them to the new virtual devices. All three of my RM3 Mini's are working perfectly with it.

Very happy to remove the old one. It mostly worked but I did have issues that prevented me from adding my 3rd Mini OR an RM4 Mini (it did not support those) to the point that I had donated the RM4 Mini (which I now regret since I could use it).

Plus @tomw is very happy to accept feedback and has already made changes and added features that people have requested.


I'm here to second what @snell says, @tomw's new integration works fantastic and I have much more confidence in it, since it's being maintained


I tested @tomw 's driver and app, and it's been perfect since I went live with it one week ago. It's easy to use and code learning works. It's also 100% local, an important criteria for heating and cooling control.


Can someone help me figure out how to get @tomw 's integration working? I installed with HPM and installed the Broadlink System Manager app but now I don't see how to add my RM 4 pro. I am just missing something for sure. I even read the read me on github but I am not seeing anything for setting up the broadlink device.

Thanks for your interest @joey10e58. Will you please post your question in the main thread for my integration? Broadlink IR/RF remotes integration (RM3 Mini, RM Pro, RM4 Mini/Pro)

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Hi! Does this integration automatically export the saved devices on the BL app to Hubitat?
thank you!

I think you'll get a much better response to your question by posting it in the following thread, as the author of the integration mentioned in the post directly above yours to another user. :wink:


Thank you!