Broadlink SP3S /SP3 Timer plug Integration / how to connect?

Hey all.

I am pretty green on this home automation, got my Hubitat for around a week ago, but i am soon done getting everything connected.

Been searching the forum for something related to my two Broadlinks Sp3, can't find any way to connect them to my HE system. They where pretty cheap and got them from Aliexpress, so i dont even know if they are able to pair up to my HE. i managed to connect a TP-Link by following some instructions here on the forum, copying some code and pasting it.

Is there any way i can just do this to my Broadlinks?
Link to the product : 2019 Broadlink SP3S /SP3 Timer plug EU wifi power socket plug outlet,smart Home Automation APP Control switch for iphone Android-in Smart Power Socket Plug from Consumer Electronics on | Alibaba Group

That page identifies:
And although, as you've found, some community effort has gone into building drivers for specific WiFi devices, they remain unique.