Broadlink RM4 Pro not

I have a Broadlink RM4 Pro that I use with their app and the Alexa skill. I would like to integrate it into Hubitat but I am stuck

This is what I have done.

  • Set up Broadlink Remote by tomw
  • Deleted the account and disabled Broadlink Skill with Alexa on my phone
  • Set a fixed ip on my router for RM4 - restarted router
  • I added the virtual device

The message I get in Current Status is
activity : device is locked in Broadlink app
Any idea how to fix the problem?

Thank you

activity - Current Status

Thanks for the feedback. I ended up deleting the broadlink account, so can't access to that point now. Should I factory reset the device? or start over with BL app?

Sorry, not sure what to recommend for next steps -- I haven't needed to do any troubleshooting like that on my BL setup.

But factory resetting and starting over may give the cleanest slate to work from.