Broadlink LC1-3 Light Switch add to Hubitat

I'm very new to hubitat (only got it this week) and am having problems adding my Broadlink LC1-3 Light Switch.

Does anyone have any tips for this?
I've tried to add it as a generic zigbee multi end point switch and putting the light switch in pairing mode but hubitat doesn't seem to be able to find the device (despite being in the same room).

Do I need some sort of driver?

I'd added the Aqara light switches without any difficulty as generic zigbee multi end point switches but it's not working for the broadlink ones.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

That is a wifi switch I believe.

You may want to get an ikea zigbee repeater for those. Aqara is notorious for dropping off meshes because they don't follow proper zigbee protocols.

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Looks that way to me too. Which means it's up to broadlink whether they make it possible to integrate with home automation hubs like Hubitat.

You can look for any info about an API (application programming interface). If there is one, then it would be technically possible to integrate, but someone would have to write a custom Hubitat driver for it.

Additionally, many wifi switches that have an API only work through the manufacturer's cloud servers, which is far from ideal since we're talking about a hub inside your home, and a light switch inside your home. The cloud really shouldn't enter into the communication pathway between the two. But that's a decision the manufacturers of most WiFi switches have made.

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Thanks very much for clearing that up for me. Didn't realise it was a wifi switch. Definitely agree about the API.

Prime Day is coming up so might be worth going for a different switch. Yagusmart Three Gang Switch seems to be Zigbee based so should add to Hubitat.

Thanks so much for the help!!

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You can always take a look at the compatible devices list, to see if a particular device has been confirmed to work with hubitat by one of their developers.

Some devices may work with built-in drivers even though they aren't on the list. And many other devices can work with custom drivers shared by community developers.


Look here UK Light switches – My experiences (2021)

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