Bringing In Odd Devices

I am migrating from ST to HE.

I have several devices that utilize their own app bridged to ST to function (Smart Life, Meross, and SensorPro). They are mostly Wifi devices by Tuya or other small mfgs and do various things like garage doors, LEDs, and thermometers.

Looking through the site, I find references and workarounds for most of these, but they also seem to be older postings (2018-2020). Are there newer solutions?

Unless someone decides that they've discovered a better way of doing something or needs to add a new feature or set of devices, many times the original solution sticks around until it no longer works. Is there a set of devices in particular that you haven't found a solution for?

Tuya wifi thermostat and wifi LED lights which interface with Smart Life. I understand the Hubitat rationale behind not using the cloud. But there should be a way to hand data between the two. I would seem that smart life works with everything but HE.

In most cases, the older posts I'm looking at really never solved the problem just made it less cumbersome

What you can do with a bit of tinkering is use Home Assistant's integration and then a bridge over to HE for final rules and control..

edit: I know it's yet another layer but it works very well and expands HE's capabilities even further.

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I will take a look, I don't have anything home assistant right now, so I would have a learning curve there but if it solves my problem I'm more than willing.

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It can get technical quickly but the basic stuff should hopefully be fairly straightforward. Post any questions over on that Bridge thread I linked to.

You will need a VM or computer to run HA on. Let us know how it works out!

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I have a Raspberry Pi in a drawer that I can press into service, so that part's no problem.

I'll work on that when I get all the other devices online. I need my house back

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@Pegasus for your Tuya WiFi devices you can try [BETA] Tuya Cloud Driver (Limited device support)
This integration is actively supported and works very fast with North American and Europen Tuya cloud servers,


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