Bringing everything to hubitat

Hello so just got my first hubitat hub and am going to setup this weekend so I want to make sure I do it right. Smart devices I currently use are;
Ring Video Doorbells and Ring Alarm
Third Reality
Phillips Hue with Hub
Honeywell Thermostat
Blink Cameras
Wyze outdoor cameras
Various different wifi smart plugs (might buy new Zigbee ones instead now)

All of these devices are both added to Alexa and Google for voice control. My question is should I remove all of these devices from google and Alexa first before adding them to hubitat hub. I want to be able to use hubitat for all the automations then also use google and Alexa for voice control. I eventually plan on setting up homebridge for full HomeKit control. I know I have read issues of having duplicate devices show up when integrating everything together so I want to make sure I do it right the first time to avoid any problems. Any other tips are also appreciated. Thanks!

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Yes, then expose them back to google/alexa

Unofficial Ring Integration (available in Hubitat Package Manager)

Generic drivers

Native integration but I prefer cocohue (available in HPM)

Which one?

Can stream to dashboards.

They may be able to have tasmota put on them otherwise get zigbee or z-wave

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This works pretty well for controlling the Blink Cameras:

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If you have to get new zigbee ones, which I would recommend you get some to act as repeaters, third reality has a 4 pack for 30 bucks, which I believe is still the value king on Amazon. Otherwise the old Iris v1 plug on ebay work amazing and even support power monitoring. They can be had for even cheaper if you buy more than 1. Their downside is they will block the second outlet unless you plug it into the bottom one.

I recommend the Iris (Discontinued Lowe's) personally, all their products are rock solid and never ever drop from the mesh. Same goes for Centralite (Discontinued Comcast) stuff.


Thanks for all the info helps me save time searching for all these myself. I have the Honeywell T6 pro wifi thermostat currently

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Decided to get the 4 pack of third reality on Amazon since I’m inpatient and didn’t want to wait for eBay shipping but thanks for the recommendations!


Edited: I didn't notice the wifi portion of your comment. You should get the t6 pro z-wave or other compatible thermostat.

One last note. When pairing z-wave devices, if you have a failed pairing, STOP. Go to your z-wave settings page and check for ghosts. They will not have anything in the route column. Remove the entry. Exclude the physical device (I prefer to factory reset it) Then attempt pairing again. For locks, bring the lock and the hub within 3 feet of each other to pair. Pair everything WITHOUT security except for locks and garage door opener stuff.

You could consider replacing this with a Hubitat-compatible zigbee or zwave thermostat.

As usual no reading comprehension due to lack of caffeine. Edited my response to him

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