Bringing %Device% from one rule to another?

I am currently using RM to alert me when there is a water leak detected. I have an activation rule that changes the mode to water detected mode which then triggers a rule to send notifications to echo devices on repeat. The issue is that because I'm not using the water detected as a trigger in the echo notification rule, it's just stating my hub's name since that's the device that's triggering it and not the actual water leak device from the other rule that activated the trigger rule. Is it possible to connect to rules to see each others variables/devices?

Or should I just make the repeater trigger also utilize water sensor trigger and call it a day?

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You could create a hub variable, use the activation rule to write the device to that variable, then call that variable in your notification rule.

Hub Variable

Initial RM Rule

Notification RM Rule


:point_up_2: is the way.


Nice. Liking this step by step screenshot post. Thanks for this. Will attempt this. :ok_hand:


Well that was easy enough. Worked like a charm. Thank you again.

On a side note, how'd you get your trigger event in "Initial RM" screenshot to use the variable and set it to attribute wet?

I'm not sure what you mean. test-0 is an omnisensor device. I just used the water sensor capability as the trigger.

Ahhh okay. I was confused because you used test-O as your initial hub variable value for the screenshot. Then it appeared as a trigger device in your screenshot for initial RM, which I couldn't replicate in the RM options.

Oooohhhh....sorry about that. Yeah, I took the hub variable screenshot after I had already tested everything. I initially set it to "none"

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