Bright outdoor smart bulb

I am looking for a HE controllable bulb in the 1600 lumen range that is outdoor rated. standard US bulb not a flood light

Anyone have any recommendations?

I think Gledopto do some outdoor lamps with a very high rating. Not sure what "start US bulb" means. I think the Gledopto ones are LEDs in a sealed unit, so I guess like a flood light so maybe not what you need. Will try to find one and post it...

Edit: not sure if it's helpful, but I get many interesting hits in AliExpress searching "Gledopto outdoors":

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sorry typo should have read standard fixed now


So an A19 bulb?

Floodlights have standards too (e.g. BR40, PAR38) :wink:.

yep thats what I am looking for A19

I think it will be tough to find a 100W equivalent (about 15W LED) smart bulb. Most of the smart bulbs are closer to half those lumens.

What type of fixture is this? Is there a way to have multiple bulbs? Is bulb size a limitation? Could you use a smart relay hidden in the fixture, or a smart switch instead?

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Do you need dimming ?

Actually either way powering this from an indoors ZigBee or Z-Wave module is likely to work out far better.

I do this with my floodlights

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yeah I can do a smart switch just I am in a 30 year old house with an unlabeled;ed fuse box makes it a bit of a PITA

Feit makes an RGB 100W equivalent bulb, but (a big one) it would have to be the older firmware in order to flash it to Tasmota. Lowes and Menards sell these, get the matte finish box if you go that route. Search the r/homeautomation subReddit for the thread about this.

HUE are releasing a 1600 Lumen bulb shortly, the app just got an update to support it. Put it in a weather proof enclosure and you are good to go, I'll be replacing a couple of my outdoor ones when they are available in Australia.

There's the Sengled 100w equivalent bulb.