Breaking the Rules

Is there a way to tell that you have broken a Rule?
If you are not making changes to a Rule, then does clicking "App List" cause it to break?

I know that I clicked "App List" at least once. I do not believe that I had made any edits at that point, but admit that I could be wrong. Not sure if it was related, but one rule has since been running at odd times. I even added restrictive "between time" conditions, which were consistently ignored.

I have since deleted that rule and will rebuild it, but am curious if there is some way to identify that a break has occurred. There is no such thing as a good surprise.

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I agree it would be useful to see broken against a rule in the main Rule Machine page (if that rule has any broken element), just as we can see when a rule is repeating or paused etc. Maybe @bravenel will consider it...


There is no way for RM to know that a rule like this is broken.

Thanks for confirming.

There should be a way because it knows a rule is broken when it goes to display the rule.. so maybe a report that you can run that walks through all the rules? Not saying it would be easy.

I think there are different ways a rule can be "broken".. some easier to detect than others.

I gotta say, you've got the weirdest idea of what would make sense for us to spend limited resources on!

not really last time a device dissapeared from the devices and i had to re-set it up.. it took over a week till i found all the broken rules.. it is not easy to do..

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Exactly. If a rule runs daily and I spend days figuring out why it is arbitrarily firing at odd times, then it is a tech debt worth paying down.

This is completely unrelated to the discussion above.

This is completely unrelated to the type of rule breaks raised by the OP.

Let's slow down a second.
Broken rules are an inconvenience.
Users will attempt to suggest ways to fix that.

Hopefully we can agree on that much. Whether the suggestions are pragmatic, I have almost zero clue.