BOUNDARY alarm UK - GONE BUST- Zwaveplus siren use possible?

Hi, so Boundary alarm UK went bust. I've managed to migrate all contact and motion over as generic zwave, but the siren has paired fine, but only as "device".
I've had a siren trigger successfully with "Dome, Linear/vision & Zooz."
The red alarm led on the siren is constantly on, even though the states clear after refresh/stop.
This siren had a blue LED breathe while armed which I'd love to get back lol.

How do people find the functions to add a type of siren please? As there's a small flood of people with useless Zwaveplus sirens and contact sensors, I'm not the first to try this I'm sure. (I run the FB group for owners who got stuck)

I'd appreciate any ideas, please. Even to get the red LED off - which so far has been on 30 mins after a strobe test.

Without a manual identifying the commands the device listens to, it's almost impossible to create a driver.


or bust a device and check the chipset :slight_smile:

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I can get to the pcb pretty easy, dunno what I'm looking for, it's a little beyond my Pi & wemos capabilities lol.

Is this any more clue to how to go about it? The zwave chip on the board comes up as

Does this make it anymore possible please?

JDRoberts has this answer for Smartthings users:

It's the proprietary portion of the message from Boundary that seals the deal... with a No.

Well, I have the motion sensors working fine with temp, their zwave extender is working, and I can get the siren to sound... Just was wondering on any other functions like the strobe.

Upon adding I was given the option to remove the security aspect as it said it was for locks etc.

If you read to the end of that topic, the disappointment was that there's no documentation of the commands. ZWave Alliance is where I looked first, even before finding JDRoberts writings. If he can't find it, I'm not going to either. He's pretty thorough.


Ok, many thanks.

I've asked the head of customer support, who I had as a member of my FB group. See what happens.

I see on the ST thread that progress has been made on supporting the boundary sensors and siren.
Not sure if that means that native hubitat support is equally feasible,

Having spent quite a large sum on boundary gear last year, I'd be very keen is it could be supported - so as not to see my entire investment go down the toilet.
I do have a ST hub and was bridging the boundary sensors over to hubitat, so in theory the ST support could allow me to continue to do that. But native hubitat support would be so much simpler.

Very sad to have seen Boundary go bust. Such a good product IMO.
Now I have to decide if I trust HE/HSM for security - or need look at another option.

Join “boundary alarm users” on FB.
We have the tech staff as members.
Several things are moving forward.

I’ve not had any time to get more into this for the siren, but will have soon. I’m planting this here for anyone who may have an idea of where to start.

Hello. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck yet trying to get the siren LED to work in Hubitat? I'm still trying to figure it out!

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