Bought Hubitat - help me prepare to convert from Wink

I just bought a Hubitat Elevation Hub, with the intention of completely switching over from Wink.

Currently, almost all of my automations are done using Stringify, and voice control is via Alexa. I think I will be able to convert most of my automations to work with Rule Machine (and undoubtedly help from this community!).

I want to ensure my switch over from Wink goes as smoothly has possible and have therefore listed all the devices I have. For some, I will clearly need alternatives. The devices I am particularly concerned about are bolded. Your comments and suggestions would be much appreciated.


Here's my device list:

Z-wave devices:

  1. Aeotec dry contact sensors
  2. Aeotec dual in-wall relays
  3. Aeotec leak sensors
  4. Aeotec minimotes
  5. Aeotec smart energy switch
  6. Enerwave dual in-wall relays (I have two of these, will they work?)
  7. FortrezZ MIMOlite (used to control garage door, will it work?)
  8. GE binary switches
  9. GE dimmers
  10. GE outlets
  11. GoControl contact sensors
  12. GoControl motion detectors
  13. Leviton appliance modules
  14. Leviton outlets
  15. Monoprice contact sensors
  16. Monoprice receptacle
  17. Schlage BE469 deadbolt
  18. Schlage FE599 lever lock

Zigbee devices:

  1. Centralite outlet
  2. GE Link bulbs
  3. GE zigbee switches
  4. LeakSmart water valve
  5. Osram Lightify RGBW builbs
  6. Quirky/GE Outlink outlets (I have five of these, will they work?)
  7. Smartthings receptacles

Lutron Caseta: (I have already purchased a Lutron Caseta SmartBridge Pro L-BDGPRO2-WH)

  1. Caseta Dimmers
  2. Pico Remotes


  1. Kidde connected Smoke/CO detectors (I know these won't work, but can they be replaced by the First Alert Smoke/CO z-wave detector?)


  1. Amazon Echos
  2. ecobee thermostat
  3. Harmony hub (Integration via IFTTT?)
  4. LiFX RGBW bulbs
  5. Quirky Spotter (used to monitor washer/dryer. I know they won't work, but what should I use as a vibration sensor)
  6. Wyze cams (I can integrate these using IFTTT)

Here's some notes as to hardware I know about.

There are two options you will find on the forums. Both work well. One is harder to implement than the other but a lot more powerfull. Should be easy to find.

Natively integrated into hubitat. The only thing you can't do is kick off the comfort modes via the native integration. I get around this by using IFTTT to set them. Everything else is there.

There is an app on the forum you can use. It uses websockets to keep all communication quick and local. Works really well.

Ya, I use IFTTT for this. Hopefully they will open up some API's for direct integration this year. They have mentioned opening up some stuff, we'll see how it works out.

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Thanks! I'll look up the Amazon apps, and the Harmony integration as well.

I'm going to offer a different answer than to go through your hardware list and I'm not directly familiar with much of that. However, I do recognize that many user have those devices. The OSRAM are a red flag. They try to repeat Zigbee signals and do a crap job of it. Wink may have addressed this differently, but it's been an issue here. Add those last and remove them if you have issues. I assume you're getting a C5 hub and much work has been done with the Zigbee radio lately, so you can expect a better experience too.

You are aware that there is no mobile app for HE at this time right? When there is, config will still be via web UI, not an app. Need to ensure you have the expectation so you're not simply upset that this isn't like Wink. I'm a former Wink user, so I understand both where you've been and where you're going. I too used to use Stringify for automations. That's a start, as you'll understand flows better than someone that has only used Robots or IFTTT. However, the UI is very different and RM isn't as straight forward as Robots, simply because it makes Wink Robots look like the toy it is, vs the building block style of doing pretty much anything short from writing custom code.

That brings up another point to keep in mind. When creating automations with Hubitat (another important point I'll get to in a second) is that it needs to be approached with the building block mentality. The goal is to get what you need, not try to automate everything in a single flow, as would be typical in Stringify. One rule flowing into and working with another to achieve a goal is common. Rules are free as @bravenel (one of the Hubitat founders and the author of Rule Machine) puts it. So go slow and ask for help. Don't suffer in silence!

I hope your spouse is accepting to some disruption while you transition. It's going to happen, but when you have methodically worked through everything and built your automations, you should be quite pleased with the results. But you have to be willing to accept that these transitions do come with some hiccups along the way. Welcome to the Hubitat Community!

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Thanks for the heads up on Osram. If they prove to be an issue, I'll replace them with Yeelights that I understand can be controlled locally by HE.

Yup. I rarely use the Wink app. I was planning on create a dashboard using SharpTools.

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Also there is Sengled for Zigbee bulbs. They are designed to be only endpoints and not repeat. Therefore, they play very well being paired directly to HE.

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They will work but not very reliable. Random dropping offline on Hubitat and Smartthings. I have a house full of these outlets and super reliable with Wink 2.

This will work but when you switch the relays with a physical switches. They don't update the status unless you press refresh.
I have 4 and fortunately I don't use the physical switches to control them.

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Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to replace the Outlinks with zwave outlets.

Not sure what to do about the enerwave dual relays.

Going through the community forums, I'm certain that the First Alert ZCOMBO Smoke/CO detectors will work, so I have 3 of those on order to replace the Kidde ones.

I'm replacing one of the Enerwave dual relay with two Caseta binary switches. Can deal with the others later.

Must say, I'm excited for the HE to arrive!

1 Like will be a helpful place to visit if you're not already aware.

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Thank you! Wasn't aware of that site.

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Not sure what you have at home right now but having this interconnect device hooking up to a Z-WAVE sensor is quite reliable, cost saving and not needing to have multiple detectors in the same room to keep within building code because the z-combo doesn't have interconnect.
Saying that, I have around 5 z-combo detectors supplementing my hardwired detectors.

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I have the mimolite and it paired up but I did not do anything with it yet. My garage (for now) has the old sliding style doors..

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The kind I have right now is a wireless interconnect. If it was wired, then I think your suggestion would have been perfect, and much cheaper than buying new Z-Combo detectors.

Here's the model I have.


Thanks! Does it show up as a momentary relay or latched relay? For garage door opener/closer function, I am currently using it as a momentary relay under Wink.

So I had to actually pair it again to find out. It only paired as "device" BUT there was a smartthings driver on github that seems to work - I can hear things "clicking" when I press on/off.

To port the driver do this:
Click on "raw" to get the full code, copy and paste into a text editor, replace "physicalgraph" with "hubitat" then on the HE under drivers code, add new driver and copy/paste into and save. When that is done go to the paired mimolite device and change the driver to the custom one found down at the bottom of the list..

Note1: when attempting to pair make sure you exclude it first by powering it up while pressing the button, then exclude it via ST or HE. After that powercycle the mimolite. It should come up in inclusion mode and you should be able to pair it. It did for me.

Note2: I do not have my mimolite connected to anything other than power so cannot give you feedback as to what type of relay you may have to play around with it..

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That's awesome! Thank you!

Perhaps you may wish to consider the following (new) device, if you don't want to switch your existing wired interconnected devices:



This is awesome! Thank you. I just bought the First Alert ZCOMBO, but they aren't opened yet, so I'm sending them back to Amazon.

Edit - Damn, out of stock everywhere. found one on eBay. You just saved me ~$90. Thanks!!