Bought a supposedly new Hubitat on Amazon, already registered to an account

I'm pretty steamed that Amazon would sell a returned hubitat hub to me, especially one that is still registered to an email account.

I have 2 choices return it or try and get it fixed, so I am trying to get it fixed.



I would return it to Amazon and complain that they sold you a used product. Perhaps there may be something wrong with it as it is a return.

@bobbyD can usually get this sorted out for you. Unfortunately we see posts like this every couple weeks on here despite Hubitat telling Amazon to send all returned units back to them. It is possible people are taping it all back up so it looks like they never opened the box and then lying on the RMA form.

You can also start a warranty claim if you want.

Amazon has a history of doing this off and on, I've had this happen w/other products as well, and received stuff that was so obviously broken that you can't imagine how they could ship it. I guess when you're shipping millions of products a day even a very small % error rate is gonna mean a lot of bad shipments.

This should not have happened. See the PM I just sent you.

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I have ordered an Echo in the past then realised that I ordered the wrong one anr returned it unopened and ordered the correct one, on arrival looking to install it I noticed that Amazon har already registered my account on it and also the previous one that I had returned

This is normal for Amazon to do on their devices.

It is not normal for a new Hubitat Hub to arrive registered to another user. Amazon does not do this and it means the hub was previously used/setup by another owner.

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Yep. I’ve had it happen several times on Aeotec Door/Window sensors ordered as new on Amazon. Received with battery at 50% and paired to some other hub. The DSK / SmartStart QR code on the box didn’t match the DSK/ SmartStart QR code on the sensor.

Yeah, I've had more & more bad experiences with used switcharoo smart parts from Amazon - they're now my last resort for purchasing that stuff. I either use smaller online stores or order direct from manu.

I realize such things could still use Amazon fulfillment, but getting recourse is always more satisfactory than wrestling with Amazon itself.

Probably someone thought their device was defective so they got a new one and returned the old one in the box! People used to try this when I worked at Best Buy ages ago.

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Until recently, after years of complaints, Amazon finally put in place a system to cause all returns from customers to be returned to us. Prior to that, they would from time to time willy-nilly put a returned hub back in stock. This was clearly a problem for us and for those unfortunate to purchase a new hub and get a used hub. Amazon absolutely refused to deal with it, and we know we were by no means the only company suffering with this problem.

Finally, they allowed us, by invitation, to require them to return all returned units to us. We don't know if this will actually work, but can hope.

We do get bogus returns sometimes, where something entirely not a hub is returned, presumably for a refund (we get defrauded). Once or twice we got an ST hub in a return, or other crap. But then, one customer who bought our hub on Amazon received a shower curtain instead. Some customers go to great lengths to disguise that the package has been opened. We are fooled by its external appearance, but then we open every one and discover the truth on the inside! Returns are always a fact of life for any supplier.


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