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I recently transitioned to HE and I'm trying to get my Bose Soundtouch 10 and Sountouch 20 integrated into HE. I found the community driver in the package manger, installed it and I can control the speakers (play, pause, stop, on, off, play track url) but I can't get speak or play text to work on any of the speakers. I noticed in one of the closed bose topics that someone mentioned the consumer key, and mentioned that the developer portal is shut down. I see where there is a spot in the HE device to input the consumer key but I don't know how to get one at this point. I can't find any other info on the web to make notifications from my soundtouch speakers notify with text. Anyone have any advice to get this to work?

Thank you

I think you're talking about my integration (hubitat_boseSoundTouch).

Unfortunately you won't be able to do TTS without the Consumer Key, and you aren't able to create one now that the Bose developer portal is shut down. They closed it out without warning, which was unfortunate.

I guess a workaround would be to save speech tracks for common phrases and then use playTrack to call those up. But arbitrary phrases would require coming up with some other customized solution.

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@tomw, yes it is your integration, Thank you
I was afraid of that, bummer. Oh well, at least i can still use it to make sure they are all off in a going to bed rule or leaving home rule so thats a plus. I like the idea of some preset phrases and then calling them, that may work for the couple little things i need. I appreciate the you getting back. I'd like to get some sonos but they are expensive and I have some money already tied up in three bose soundtouches, lol wife won't be happy.

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