Bosch Smart Home

Has anyone had a Bosch smart plug (the larger 16A version) working either direct connected to HE or via a link between the Bosch controller and Hubitat? I'd love to use these with my heaters and large appliances but I'd prefer something I could integrate with my existing Hubitat system in some way.

Well I'm going to buy one and play around and see what it will do :slight_smile:

it's not zigbee or WiFi and if it's zwave, its not certified that I can find

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It may be a signal proprietory to the Bosch system. If I can't see any sign of it via the Hubitat's radios, then I'll buy the Bosch hub. Apparently Bosch are trying to increase their "partner" systems, but in the meantime at least it works with Alexa and Google.

If the Bosch plug just gives on/off and consumption, then the Qubino Smart Pug 16A may be an alternative? Hopefully we'd get a dedicated driver for it one day, for now it kind of works with other drivers. Smart Plug 16A | Control home appliances remotely with a smart plug

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Not available here yet, it seems. And with the hoops presented by Brexit, it may never be :frowning:

Sorry to hear that... Hope you get the Bosch one working then! :slight_smile: