Bosch Smart Home Controller II

Hello, I would have the following question:
would it be possible to copy the Integration of Bosch smart Home from existing Home aaaistant Code and implement that into hubitat?

Im new to hubitat and want to integrate my Bosch smart Home Controller II so that I can have more advanced automations.

thanks :slight_smile:

If your bosch stuff home connect compatible (I have a couple of bosch things that use it) If it is you can grab the Home Connect integration from Hubitat Package manager. If not maybe touch base with @rfg81


Additionally, Bosch has a published local API that is permitted for non-commercial use (look at terms closely). If someone wanted to write/share an integration, it is possible. Link:

Note that Home Assistant does not publish it's private (commercial) code, so capturing / modifying that code is not readily feasible.

Your easiest path (and least risky) is as suggested above.

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So in Theorie its possible :heart_eyes:
Now I "only" find someone that is capable and interested in executing the Integration.

You didn't answer my question though. Are they compatible with bosch home connect?

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oh sorry @rlithgow1 missed that.
sadly dont. The Home connect App is reserved for dishwashers etc.

The Motion sensors, light switches and the Most important Part for me, the Raffstores and blind Control are not integrated there.

Basically I want to create complex automations when the Raffstores should move to a certain Position and I want to integrate Sonos with the Data from Bosch Motion sensors.

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Hey @rfg81,
are you maybe interested in trying Out the Integration with the before mentioned API from Bosch? :slight_smile:
I really cannot guess how time consuming such a Task would be?

It's not in my intention for now. It took me a long time to develop the Bosch integration that's available with just the dishwasher I have. Without having any of the aforementioned devices, it makes the task really hard.


yes of course I understand that. Then its would probably be easier to switch to Home aaaistant or do the Integration over 3rd party like homekit.

But thank you all for the Feedback. :slight_smile:

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Maybe @thebearmay could take a crack at it. Although he's pretty busy too