Bond integration?

Hi I have a smart with bond fan
is there any way to get a better control interface I know on and off for the fan light

thanks for any ideas Beau

What you're looking at is commonly called the "admin interface" for the hub. This is what you need to set up new devices, perform hub configuration, etc., but it's not the best interface for day-to-day control--which I assume is the exact concern you're asking about. If not and you're just wondering what the rest of the commands do, "On," "Off," and "Set Level" should all relate to the light; "Cycle Speed" and "Set Speed" relate to the fan (turning the fan on/off can be done via an option in "Set Speed," since, again, the on/off commands themselves are for the lights).

For a different day-to-day control interface, most people would recommend a dashboard. There are a few community offerings, but Hubitat has one built-in that is local (or not!) and free, Hubitat Dashboard: Hubitat® Dashboard - Hubitat Documentation. SharpTools also has a built-in integration but does need a subscription for some features. ActionTiles is currently in beta (I think, still? it was a while back). Some people find the minimal, dashboard-esque interface of the Alexa or Google Home apps to be enough, and some set up HomeBridge with Apple Home (requires a separate "server" to run it) for that interface instead. Just a few options. :slight_smile:

The Hubitat mobile app, BTW, provides an easy way to access Dashboard, though it's not required--they're just web pages you can access with any browser/device. The mobile app also has a "Devices" tab at the bottom that will work for your lights, but not all device types are supported with that feature yet, and I don't think you'll find the fan part controllable there yet.

Still others will recommend just automating whatever you can so you don't need such an interface at all. Motion sensors are great for lighting. I think fans are a bit more challenging (really just my preference most of the time), but you could even use a button device like a SmartThings Button, Zooz ZEN34 remote, or Lutron Pico (SmartBridge Pro or higher system required) for remote control via some hub-based automation rather than using the hub interface or some app.

Unfortunately, controlling a fan's light doesn't work from anywhere else except that page, but hopefully a fix is being worked on.

I really wish these various "Bond Integration" threads could get merged before things fracture more, but so it goes.

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@n9mfk9 Make a dashboard. Typically the device page is only for configuring or testing. Control should be done through either Automation (preferred) or create a dashboard, expose that device to the dashboard then add a button(s) for control.