Bond Integration?

I decommissioned my c5 hub that I was running user apps on and am having trouble getting the built in integration to work. The integration finds the bond hub and devices attached to it but then none of the device states update and they dont respond to commands. There are some errors in the logs below.

I'm having the same problem. I had an unofficial bond app that stopped working so I moved to the official app and it finds my bond, but nothing works.

I rebooted the hub and gave everything some time to settle down and its working fine. Now I am trying to get a button on my pico remote to cycle fan speed and that does not want to work.

I had this happen too. I have 2 ceiling fans. I could only get one to work at a time. I just kept uninstalling and reinstalling the built in bond integration on and off over a couple of days until both fans finally started working. I can't tell you that I did anything different to make it finally work. I am glad to see it wasn't just me having this issue...

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