Bond integration with Somfy window shades

Thanks for adding native Bond support! I have a feature request for the new Bond app. When paired with Somfy window shades there are three action buttons that can be pressed from Bond: open, close and a preset position called the “my button”.

The “my button” can also be used while the shades are moving to tell the Somfy motor to stop moving and keep the shades at their current position.


  1. Add a Somfy Window Shade driver.
  2. Add a “my button” command on that new driver.
  3. Wire up the slider positions of 0% to the close action, 100% to the open action and 50% to the “my button. Wiring up 50% to the “my button” allows Alexa to trigger that action even though Alexa only sends position levels 0-100% when controlling window shades. The current integration does not work with Alexa at all, I think because the 0-100% position slider isn’t wired up in Hubitat.
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Is there a better place to post a feature request like this? I’m not sure if anyone working on the built in Bond app has seen my post.

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I'm going to switch back to the BOND Home Integration available on HPM. It was exciting to see first party support for Bond.

If this is a feature request, which it appears to be, it can be moved to the "Feature Request" section.

Maybe even change the tags to "Feature Request" instead of "Bug".

If you can't edit your title to move this to the feature request section, reply back and someone will move it for you.

The first party Alexa integration for Somfy shades does not work today at all because Alexa sends 0% and 100% position commands when you ask Alexa to “close the shades” and “open the shades” respectively. I’d call that a bug.

The bit about 50% for sending the my position command is a feature request.

Regardless, I don’t really care where this topic lives. I just want to do what I can to get it in front of the team that maintains the first party Bond integration.