Bond Integration on C8 - no Hub, just fans that work with Bond via wifi


I have these fans:

They work without a bond hub, just via wifi and connect to the same Bond app.

The bond integration in Hubitat sees nothing. I suspect because it expects a hub, and I don't have one.

Do I have any options here?

@bond-merck FYI!

I think @bcopeland developed the native Bond integration (it wasn't developed by Bond employees), so Bryan should be able to confirm if it will work without an actual Bond bridge.

Gotcha, @bcopeland any ideas from your end on integrating?

Just checking in to see if anyone has had any luck or commit for these to get connected to hubitat, tx.

I'm back still wishing for integration into Hubitat for these. @bcopeland or @bond-merck any ideas here?

Just wanted to say that I'm an idiot and should have just tried the native integration first. it works fine and finds everything without the hub no issue =).