Bond integration error


I suddenly started getting these errors for my bond integration application. This has been an existing device that's recently started getting these errors. I'm not sure when it started. Any help would be greatly appreciated,thank you.

Note the fireplace turn on and off fine. This is coming from the parent application.


I had this happen a few months ago, posted in the forum like you have, but never received an answer as to what is causing them. I moved over to the community Bond integration and the errors disappeared.

About a month ago, I thought I would try the built in integration once again and all was good until this morning. I'm seeing these same errors again.

No I haven't received any answer to why. I thought the integrated Bond replacing the community Bond that's why I switch from community Bond to the internal built-in Bond application.
I think I had a grouping that was set up in bond that's causing those errors. Still testing.

I have 2 fans connected to my bond. They are both the Hampton Bay zigbee fan controllers (I grew tired of the temperamental zigbee). I have no groups set up so I know that's not causing the issue for me. It doesn't seem to hurt anything.


Which one should we be using the integrated for the one for the community?

I would prefer to use the one provided by hubitat but really don't like seeing the errors in the logs. There is definitely something going on with the built in integration under certain circumstances.

Maybe since there are 2 of us with the same problem someone from support will reply in this thread?


And removing the grouping seem to resolve my issue as well.

That's interesting. So the errors can be caused by more than one thing since I have no groups.

I'll give it a week. If no response, I'll go back to the community Integration.

So, In the bond application you can group items into "room" or a collection of items. I think the Hubitat Application will not understand it and throws an error, but the devices still work.

That's not what is causing the same set of errors for me. I have 2 fans, in separate rooms, no need for any grouping nor do I have any.

Glad that it fixed it for you though.