Bond Bridge - Cannot invoke method toInteger() changing fan speed

Recently setup a Bond Controller for my fans and realized the 'setSpeed', 'increaseSpeed', and 'decreaseSpeed' functions all throw an error when called.


setSpeed Error: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toInteger() on null object on line 499 (method componentSetSpeed)

increaseSpeed Error: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'null' on null object on line 533 (method componentIncreaseSpeed)

Is this a bug or something I've done incorrectly setting up?

I have a Bond Device: BD-1000

Can you show the Device Edit page for one of the fans, in particular the Current States section, but the preference settings and driver being used may also be of interest.

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Oddly the current states section is empty. I used to get information there before switching to the 'bond bridge 2'. Same errors were encountered with both drivers.

The missing states may be playing a part, but ultimately something for the Dev's to investigate. Try running a refresh. Another thing worth trying could be re-adding the device via the Bond App on HE.

After you pointed out the missing states, which seems like a problem, I decided to start over. I uninstalled/removed the current bond device and children and readded using the Bond Bridge 2 type.

Below is the event log from the time I added the Bond Controller. The very top error message is me trying to set the fan speed.
Interestingly only one of my fans actually has the "Current States" populated.

Can you post a screen shot of the state variables of the bond device?
It should look something like this:

Here you go.

I also loaded the community Bond Driver today and verified it is able to control my fan lights without throwing errors.

If it matters my Bond device is on Firmware 3.13.6

What about the app? You should not be creating the device manually, you should be using the integration app to create it by adding your hub from there.

Your Bond device is only showing one attached device in the data, but you have two child devices attached to it?

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To ensure I didn't cause this I removed the Bond device, which auto removed the children.

I reinstalled the Bond App and added my Bond device to it
It auto detected both my fans (LR Ceiling Fan, Patio Ceiling Fans) and created those devices. (Log is attached).

The Bond device still only lists one device (LR Ceiling Fan).

This is my device list view.

I hope this helps.

do both fans operate correctly from the actual bond app?
I ask as the bridge isn't responding with all the information for the LR Ceiling fan

Yes, it works great with the Bond app. It also works just fine with the Bond community driver through Hubitat.

Since the community driver appears to be not supported anymore I wanted to switch to the native Bond app and that is where these problems are coming from.