Bond app integration


Just installed HE today. I have been able to pair some zigbee bulbs and getting started with other devices. I have added the package manager and want to add the Bond home integration. However I am getting this error:
error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: org.apache.http.conn.ConnectTimeoutException.getResponse() is applicable for argument types: () values: []
Possible solutions: getMessage() on line 194 (prefListDevices)

I have tried some of the troubleshooting found in the forum like ping and curl to the IP for the Bond hub. See below the output from curl:
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Length: 161
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

{"target":"snowbird","fw_ver":"v2.14.3","fw_date":"Wed Aug 19 13:52:46 UTC 2020","uptime_s":1362,"bondid":"BH33754","upgrade_http":true,"api":2,"_":"5f0e08b0"}

I have double checked the local token that I get from the Bond app. I upgraded the bond fw to the most recent version today v2.14.3 and not sure if there's incompatibility between the app code and this fw. Any help with troubleshooting this is appreciated. (side note: the thread on the bond integration is extremely long so I may have missed something)

Is the bond on the same subnet as hubitat? Unfortunately that is a generic connection error saying it can’t connect to the bond. It points to something networking related.

Or separate VLANs...I struggled w/an issue a couple days ago until I remembered that I was trying to get an app/driver the Hubitat (VLAN IoT) to initiate a connection to a device on my personal VLAN...which I have specifically blocked. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responses. I have a mesh n/w connected to my verizon ONT (acting as the modem) and had HE connected to the ONT. I disconnected that and connected HE to the ethernet port on the mesh n/w base and things are working now.

I see that my bond IP has changed (dynamic). Would you recommend getting a static IP for bond? would HE disconnect from Bond if I reboot my router?

Yes, I always set a static IP (on the modem, not the device) for devices like Bond, the Hubitat Hub, SmarThings hub, Raspberry Pi's, printers, etc. Makes life simpler and more predictable.

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ok, just did that.

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Yeah, at some point I hope HE adds MDNS support in which case DHCP will be fine, but until they add that, static IPs are the way to go.

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@dman2306 - all of my fans are the type that the light is on/off, or hold to dim down and then after going all the way down it ramps back up to max, etc.

You refer to this here in your GitHub info:

Please note that some fans do not support setting dimmer levels for their lights. These are usually lights where you have to hold the button to dim. The app will recognize these as a "BOND Fan Timer Light" which has custom commands that allow you to start and stop dimming but do not implement the true capability to be detected as a dimmer. This is because there is no way to set these devices to a specific dim level.

My fans were all recognized as expected:

  • Parent: Bond Fan
  • Light child: Bond Fan Timer Light

I'm unsure how I access the Bond Fan Timer Light child devices to control ramp up/ramp down. The fan lights only show up as switches in any in the apps I've looked at (ABC and Simple Automation Rules. Is ramp up/down something that has to be done in an RM rule? Is there a post here that summarizes the process? I didn't find anything in the GitHub... thanks.

I don’t know about ABC but it won’t work with simple automation. You need something that lets you run custom commands. RM is probably the way to go. It’s because the way this device works doesn’t correlate with any built in capability.

Thanks, that's what I figured.

Hopefully this isn't a completely dumb question. How to I find out what the custom commands are to do the dimming on these types of fans?

I’m not at a pc so I can’t check but if I’m remembering it was startdimmer and stopdimmer or something along those lines. RM will show you a list to choose from.

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Thanks to your help I found the startDimming and stopDimming custom commands. Time to dive into Rule Machine (the only software ever made solely to make me feel stupid) and create a rule to start and stop the dim from a pico remote.


I have one fan (same model as three others) that just won't show up in Google Home even when I add it in the Google Home integration. The other two fans that are the same model appear just fine.

The device page on the fan that won't appear in GH disappears after being selected, so it behaves just like an unsupported device, even though it is supported (like the other two fans).

Since the other two fans that are exactly the same model are appearing as expected, thought this might more likely be a Bond issue that GH issue.

Have you seen this issue before, and any suggestions?

What do you mean the device page disappears? That sounds strange. No. I’ve never seen this but I also don’t have any experience with google home.

Sorry, I wasn't saying that the device page disappears (that would be unusual) - what I was trying to say is that on the Fan Light Device page Google Home appears briefly as a one of the apps/services that the device is in use by when I add the fan light in the Google Home integration app:

But for some reason the Google Home entry in the In Use By section disappears after a few minutes, and the fan never appears in Google Home. It's getting rejected from Google Home integration for some reason, while the other two fans that are exactly the same make/model work w/Google Home fine.

Sounds like you haven't played around much w/the GH integration, so don't worry if this isn't something you have any experience with. Thanks!

Does the device work when you control it from the device page in HE? If so this sounds like a bug in the GH app to me.

Yeah, it's fine besides that, GH integration is the only odd thing.

OK, I'll start pestering GH integration folks to see if they have any ideas. Thanks!

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