Boil water notice

I'm interested in protecting my water filtration system in the event of a boil water notice.
The most reliable way of a notification via website

volusia. /services/public-protection/emergency-management/pin/boil.stml

Is there a rule I can generate to trigger main water shutoff via html? Other thoughts are welcome ty



Hard to tell if there is anything on the page that you could key on as they don't have an active notice to look at, but in theory you could do an httpGet on the page and then look for a phrase in the page response.


If a day is known where a boil water notice was issued, then perhaps the page could be retrieved on the Wayback machine of Internet Archive.


I would suggest you try to get in contact with the Webmaster for that page and see what is or can be done.


I'm not into this type of coding but is it possible to do the reverse? i.e. if the webpage is like it is not the water is on. If the "At this time, this page is not activated" disappears, stop the water flow and alert you to check into it.?

As @thebearmay said you need to grab the webpage and search for specific phrases (eg the absence of "Not Activated") in order to control your valve. Unfortunately this can't be done from RM and you need to write a custom app.

Another possibility would be to use Tasker (if you have android) or node-red to do the grab & search and trigger a rule via a virtual switch.

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