Bluesound BluOs or Roon


Does anyone here use the networked audio system Bluesound or BluOs. I was wondering if anyone has any interest in this being integrated with Hubitat. It is available on homeassistant. I remember reading when it first came out on homeassistant that the guy or wrote it said it was a fairly easy implementation. Not being a developer I can't really comment on that. Maybe Roon software would peak more interest as it can control a wider selection of network players.


I also use Bluesound and am, of course, also interested in integration with Hubitat.

Lets hope there are some more users out there. It would be great for it to be integrated into hubitat!

I also use bluesound

I also use blusound and would like to integrate with my hubitat

Yup, also a Bluesound user.

Also a bluesound user. Any word on compatability in the future?

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New bluesound user. Any updates on this?

Hi Veyrix

You can control your bluesound players using an HTTP momentary switch.

Create "Virtual switch"
Select "HTTP Momentary Switch"
Enter IP Address of your player
Device Port = 11000
URL Path = /Play (You need the forward slash)
Post, Get or Put = GET

This switch will now play on your selected player.
Other commands you can use are "/Pause" "/Mute"
You can select presets with the following "/Preset?id=10" this will play preset 10.

If you search for bluesound or BluOS HTTP or API you should be able to find a full list of commands.

Hope this helps, any problems let me know.

BTW Roon is not supported with hubitat but it is in Home Assistant.



Thank you!!!