Blink mini battery power supply

OK, took Amazon up on some cheap cameras.
How do i hook a lantern battery to it to provide its power?
This could be just a post to to determine who knowes what a lantern battery is.


How would you connect to the springs on the lantern battery? I remember using these and the ones with the screw terminals when I was a kid playing with electricity.

Since you’re going to sacrifice a cable anyway, I’d suggest using a pair of small alligator clips.

I don't remember the voltage on those, big things though. I think @thebearmay's suggestion is a good one though, or simply soldering some wire to each terminal, maybe terminated in some crimp lugs or an anderson connector?

Interesting Lots amp hours with screw terminals. 6V though.


Wouldn't that be perfect to power a usb device?
Except you can't recharge them and I think they're not cheap.

I was hoping that was the case, if the runtime is long enough, i can justify $10.
How to hook up, and an initial run is tempting, the camera was ~$13, an acceptable loss if it frys in the experiment. The blink outdoors run over a year on 2 expensive AA's.

No, I think 6 VDC is a bit too high. 4.5V-5.5V is the range of a typical USB 2.0 port.

6V is a variance of 20% over spec. Its possible some devices could regulate that down, but IMO, its a touch risky. You could probably throw an inline resistor to drop the voltage, although, that eats some power....


The AA lithium batteries that blink recommends are expensive, but for another 13 bucks you could keep the camera running for another couple years with zero risk of frying it: