Blind motors

I need some advice suggestion, so currently I have Bluetooth blind motors on my skylights, because they were solar powered, so there not to reliable so they need to go.
I've seen a few zigbee/z-wave modules or switches but how do I find a motor to connect to them.
As they are on a pullie where a string winds up on and pulls the blind down i don't need the tube motors i keep coming across

Not sure what you mean but something like this?

Yea they are what I have now, but instead of the chain i have it set up so a rope winds up on the pulley .
I'm looking for something i can connect in to hubitat now
So was looking at this kinda thing
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But not sure what motor I need
Looking like this

I have not seen a blind motor of that nature that has any good reviews. What your looking for is a more diy setup.

My setup is more traditional with the motor in the blind tube and mains powered.

Mains ok, but as blinds are in a track and at 45 degrees they have to be pulled not pushed or under gravity.
Just don't know what to search for

It's a tough one. A quick google shows this chap has done it and setting the limits will be tricky as it could damage your blind.

Question. How did you envision the replacement to be powered? If hardwired, could you just hard wire power to your current solution?

And if some other way. Can you use the current mechanical hardware?

Have to hardwire, main issue is the Bluetooth keeps dropping

From what I've seen, most DIY solutions involve a 3d printer to print a bracket and connect to a stepper motor to control the rod that spins

So any stepper motor which I can put 240v into

I just bought this (the US curtain switch but pretty much the same thing) and the zemismart motor (similar to the RollerTrol motor). The motor barely fit into my 38" rod so I had to push it in. I'm not sure if that's the reason for the loudness but it's pretty loud when operating (at least, compared to my aqara zigbee curtain motors). Other than the loudness, it seems to work fine but I'll test it more this weekend.

I haven't connected it to Hubitat yet but will do so this weekend also. You need to fit the switch into the wall and I'm not yet sure how the wire from the curtain would also get into the wall. Figured I'll think and deal with all that this weekend and let you know how it goes.

Went for this and there sending me a ST driver so should work....
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Only downside is I have 8 blinds!! $£$£

I'm sure you've considered this but is the current Bluetooth implementation mechanics an option for conversion?

I did but wiring and building im ok.
But designing, micro electrical and ground up programming with a zigbee board beyond me and wouldn't know where to start

I understand.

If you can't find anything workable, perhaps you might consider a Hubduino by @ogiewon
It is a Plug and play Hubitat <--Wifi---> NodeMCU solution. The plug and play works for numerous sensors, however with a little arduino programming I'm sure it could control your shades.

Just a thought.

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