Blank screen in app

If I close the app in iOS, and restart the app, I often just get an empty blank screen. I tried rebooting the phone, doesn’t help, still blank screen.
This means I have to reinstall the app a few times a day.

I also tried the beta version; same thing.

So, you are hitting the home button on your ios device and instead of getting your home screen you are getting a blnak screen? When you say "close the app" what are you doing?

No, not when I go to the home screen, I get the blank screen when opening the app. Sorry for being unclear (just read back my own post)

I double tab the home button and swipe-up the Hubitat app (close the app)
Then I start the Hubitat app, then I get a blank screen.

The blank screen also happens when I start the app after not using it for awhile.

And another blank screen, have to reinstall the app again.

(I’ll stop posting this now)

@rinke.k, just out if interest, what version of phone and iOS are you on ?

iPhone 7
iOs 12.3.1

It might be my phone. No idea.

This is a picture of the app:

I think I found the issue.

Since I don’t use geofence, I turned off location services in iPhone settings.
Also background services.

After turning these on the app works again.

I think this is a bug @bobbyD might raise?

Oh, yes, that certainly sounds weird.
Providing support with as much data as you can might help them. :blush:

I turned location services off again, but background is still on.
Seems to be working still.

So I think it’s the background service, which must be on.

Added my wife’s phone again, watdoyouknow: blank screen on her phone.
Background was on, but location was off (set to only when using the app)
When set to always the app started again.

I guess both must be on.

Something is wrong in the Geofence function.

Ah, yeah, you should have them turned on for ‘presence’ to function.
The Ap is working great on mine and my wife’s iPhone.
No need to change any settings.

I don’t use it, and don’t really want to.
That’s why it’s turned off.

But all seems to be working now.
But I would like the option to turn it off

What do you use the app for with location services and background app refresh turned off?

If it’s for dashboards, you could save a link to one or more dashboards in safari to your home screen and open them that way.

Mainly for notifications and dashboard when underway/not at home.

I have used other push systems like pushover/telegram with Domoticz, which I don’t like.

I have a shortcut on my homescreen already, which I use at home when needed.
But there is an Hubitat app, I should be able to use it without location. Why are the dashboards in the app if not intended for use?

For location services there are other options too, like life360, why use the app?
Everyone uses the app for their own use case.

I’m not trying to be a pain, but just explaining.

It all seems to work now with geofence turned off. And the services in phone settings on.

Right, it should be able to work with location services turned off (except geolocation, LOL). Sounds like background app refresh may have been the issue?

Edit: I may have mis-read. You still need to have location services enabled for the app to function at all? Or background app refresh?

To be honest, it might be the background services on in combination with geofence off which makes it work.

I have turned off location for now to see if it keeps working. So far so good.

Just a check-in:
Since background and location services are on, all is still working fine.

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