Blank editor on errored rules

I have several rules that show this error in the log.

java.lang.NullPointerException: null (allHandlerT)

When I try to open I only get a blank screen. One of the rules is a simple rule that sets a virtual motion sensor when a switch is turned on. This rule has not been touched in quite some time. Several others are fairly simple rules, I think, I haven't touched those in some time either but I can't see them.

Another of the rules for Christmas lights, I happened to have a json backup from January of this year. When I import the backup I get the same thing. It appears to have something to do with the schedules

In the screen shot below you can see several apps with a java.lang.NullPointerException and each rule will not allow me to edit. I show a blank screen. I can go to the settings page of each rule and I think they are working. Any ideas?

The latest update apparently fixed this. I was going to roll back to a previous version to see if I could look at the rules. The rules giving this error were old and I couldn't exactly remember what they did I noticed there was a new update so I decided to try it. I can now open the rules.

I noticed both of the rules had a broken condition in the required expression, so I guess that is what was causing it. In both cases the condition was not used and was probably something I tried and changed or removed. I removed the broken items so hopefully these rules won't do that again.

I took screen shots of the rules in case they do it again. @bravenel could this have been the reason?

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