Blank editable trigger condition after re-adding device

I'n attempting to resolve an issue with a device I decided to z-wave exclude it then include it. After I went to all the rules I knew it was in and on one I was able to add everything back in but the trigger events have a blank line in it. And there is no way to delete it. at least that I can find.

I have seen that before as well. I couldn't figure out how to fix it either. I ended up deleting and recreating the entire rule.

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It is an artifact of the device that you removed and re-added. It is a GUI inconsistency only and your rule should function correctly. If you read the warning when you excluded your device, you would have seen that the system tells you to remove a device from all apps before removing it and even gives you a list of the apps that are currently using that device. That is the only way to prevent this from happening . Now that it has, there is no way to fix it. If it bothers you, you have to delete and re-create the rule. But like I said, it is a UI issue only.

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