BG Smart Sockets?

Anyone using them with HE?

Just 2 types, what looks like square edges and rounded edges.

But £20 from Screwfix, so if they work, I'm in!


Hi, I'd be interested as well, I have a couple which i brought last year....before I went HE. They are very reliable with Alexa but obviously would prefer if I could integrate them properly.

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Apparently they have broadlink chips in them and can be used via mqtt with Home Assistant according to a blog I found.

Is it this one you found?

That's it.

You can now use IFTTT to control these sockets.

I saw these reviewed on hibberthome tech this morning. They look nice

I’ve bought one, I’m increasingly frustrated that there isn’t either a Zigbee or Zwave version which is simple, cheap and doesn’t have a LED so bright it illuminates the whole room. At the moment I’ve put the ZBMINI behind the double plate but then it doesn’t provide switching for each socket.

Hi guys, is there anyway of making these work locally on Hubitat. Assuming the internet went down, can they work on your local network. Excuse my IT ignorance?

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