Between Temperature Rule

I have two fans in my garage with one being Big and a small one(vornado) connected to a dual z-wave plug and a motion sensor w/temp. I would like the small fan to turn on with motion and the temp being under 75. Then if the temp is over 75 in the garage I would like both fans to turn on. They would then turn off after 30 min of no motion since we have our gym in there. I have this working but realized that now if the temp is anywhere below 75 the small fan is going to turn on and we don't want this during our AZ "winter".

How can I tell the rule to only turn on with motion and temperatures being between say 69 - 75? Sorry if this has been asked but I can't seem to find it with any search combinations. Not sure if my only option is to set dates of when the rule is active or if between temps is an option. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Attached is the rule I currently have and seems to be working but if any tweaks need to be made please let me know.

You should be able to modify that first conditional to be:

IF (Garage Motion Sensor active AND Temperature of Garage Motion Sensor is < 75.0 AND Temperature of Garage Motion Sensor is > 69.0) THEN

instead of just:

IF (Garage Motion Sensor active AND Temperature of Garage Motion Sensor is < 75.0) THEN

To actually do this, choose that line from the "Edit Action" menu. The RM UI can be a bit awkward, but all you should have to do is add another "AND" plus your new condition, so it should be similar to how you set it up in the first place. Assuming the rest of your logic works how you want it, I think this should work.

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Thank you for the quick reply.. I didn't think it was that easy! I should have thought of that but I really appreciate you pointing that out.

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