Better process updating drivers/apps

Would really love to see some better process for updating drivers/app code. The ST github integration works pretty well. Updating stuff like Barry's ecobee integration driver takes forever since there are over 10 drivers to update, and a couple apps. Would be nice to be able to just either say "update checked" or "update all" or whatever. I've gone through and added the link to the github code for everything using import, so at this point, it would just be good to be able to select driver/app code from the list, then say update?


muhahahah.. slacker.. try HubConnect with 3 Apps and nearly 40 drivers. Times the number of Hubs that are being interconnected. :smiley:

But far more seriously: I've had conversations with Hubitat about the problem and I feel they are well aware of the issue. There aren't a lot of 'large system Apps' on Hubitat (or ST for that matter) but whatever the number is, tedious installs means mistakes. Mistakes make the Hubitat Hub appear difficult to use for no reason.

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Totally agree it's worse as you get more stuff. Seems like we're just missing a logical step. The driver and app code all have URLs via the import function. Now we just need a way via the driver to app code page to check some boxes, and hit "check for updates" or something.

so has anyone come up with a way to get the apps and drivers to update, clicking on the driver, hitting import, , and then import again, and then save, is just a pain!

Many but not all drivers and apps are in that system.