Better Laundry Monitor port

I am using the laundry monitor from Smartthings to alert me when the dryer is down. It is working well except for the notifications.

The built in sms work but the Twilio notifications I have been using don’t show as an option and the tts isn’t firing when the load is completed. Any help modifying the code to support these would be greatly appreciated.

Can you turn on a virtual switch or press a virtual button as the code is now? I'm using the Aeon HEM v1. The dryer done button triggers a virtual switch which triggers IFTTT notifications for both laundry machines. Dryer triggers 8 seconds after cycle completed and washer (because it's not easy to determine finished vs pausing during cycle) triggers 4 minutes after it's done and sends IFTTT notification 8 seconds later.

At the same time, Google Assistant Relay also notifies us as long as it's before 10PM and after 7am. Works perfectly. Always get notifications. I also use the switch position to query Google Assistant if one or both of the machines are running. Saves a trip downstairs if were's not sure the cycle finished and our phones are not nearby.

That may be possible but I think its best that it be reworked to us the Hubitat native notification and TTS systems.

Sorry. I don't think I conveyed my point very well. If you can just flip a virtual switch, RM can already work with native notification and TTS if you want. There isn't really a need for notification of any kind to say more than, "the washer has finished" or "the dryer has finished", but there can be and I do that too.

I was only trying to illustrate what could be done by a simple switch flip. I can ask Google Assistant, "laundry status" and that triggers a single virtual switch I labelled "laundry status". That switch state causes four RM rules to evaluate true and false conditions. One of four rules will be true. If rule one is true, it responds "neither the washer nor the dryer are running", if rule two is true, it responds "both the washer and dryer are running", if rule three is true, it responds "the washer is running", and if rule four is true, the response is "the dryer is running".

I see what you’re getting at. I’ll have to take a look.

For those reading this many days later, the App was picked up and modified additionally.

It's possible it's an improvement to you too. :slight_smile: