[BETA] Zoom On Air - Webhook based In Meeting switch

Hi all,

as with many of us I spend a lot of time in zoom meetings, in order to show when I'm unavailable I have created this application which allows me to set a light in my office to come on (and go red) when I'm in a call

Ive set it up so that it should be fairly customisable for different uses, it doesn't require a server or anything like that, just a bit of setup with a new Zoom API OAuth app.

I'll probably stick it on HPM at some point if it seems like people are into it, let me know if that would be easier for any of you :slight_smile:

also let me know if you find any issues with it

Zoom On Air App On Github


Thank you so much for creating this! I can't wait to automate a few things based on if I'm in a meeting. Seeing an issue though. I created an OAuth app and followed your instructions. When I click on "Install Zoom App" in Hubitat, it sends me to the redirect URL which throws me a null due to the URL structure. What did I do wrong?

Anybody using this successfully? Kinda surprised the thread hasn’t exploded.

Edit: for anyone else poking around at this, I installed it and it works great. Love it!

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