[Beta] Wink Relay - LAN Integration

Can't argue with that. Just wish there was an option to install an app for all the Wink Relay owners out there. Thanks again!

I was obviously wrong....,thankssss!!!

Progress! Josh, you are amazing!


Is that the Hubitat app? Or were you able to find an app that displays web pages full screen?

Yes, HE Dashboard. I followed these steps instead of just pasting the link to one of my dashboards like I've always done. The HE App doesn't want to install on this device, so we have to use browser.
' Show Off Your Dashboards! '


This works with Relays now. Check it out. [RELEASE] Android app for wall mounted tablets

SharpTools has more capabilities still, but as a local option, this works. Showing Images doesn't work in Wink Relay yet and Video doesn't work in any of my devices. But a fantastic app - I've been using it for a few weeks now.

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Hello there... awesome job!!! unfortunately I am coming here to complain about the wink relay. I have 14 relays at home all perfectly working until the last month where suddenly one relay was blocked in the Encryption unsuccessful screen. See picture. I tried to recover the device using the TTL connection but it was impossible.

I though ....ok bad luck and i bough a new one to replace the broken one. Last weekend, two other devices were showing the same error Encryption unsuccessful error and I am not able to recover them anymore.....

I understood this issue is related to a certain memory of the device being full. I did almost nothing with these affected devices located in places at home where I am not using at all so i cannot say that these devices were heavily used at all....

I am scared that one by one the rest of my relays (12)will be in a similar situation ....... do you know if there is any way to prevent this issue? if this is a memory issue, do you think a memory cleaner might help?? I am lost and desperate after the huge time and investment moving the whole house to Wink relays.

I have the feeling that this will happen sooner or later to all of us.. Hope to be wrong

Any advice would be highly appreciated!!!!

I have only 2 of these and they have their issues (reboot all the time on their own), but I have never seen this... Out of curiosity, what happens when you select “Reset tablet”?

It restarts and goes to the configuration menu to reboot or wipe data but it does nothing .... you try to wipe data and it seems to perform the wipe , but it does nothing and when you try to reboot it goes to the same screen

Ouch! Hopefully someone else has seen this before and was able to resolve it.

I think I got it where I want it for now. Everything using a set of 5 built-in HE dashboards linked together.

A second device is arriving tomorrow. I'm becoming quite fond of these little things. Not bad for a slow dog if kept light.


Some more findings...... out of my 14 relays 4 have "encryption unsuccessful" issues and another 8 units are affected by the "groundhog day' situation. I am not sure if the "groundhog day' situation is linked to the encryption unsuccessful issue but pretty scary.

I have spent hours with Putty and the Serial connection trying to recover the 4 relays with no success at all.

Any idea or suggestion would be super welcome... I am in a dead end.

Seriously thinking about replacing the wink relays with tablets and internal switches but my first preliminary cost calculation is above $120 per unit

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I was wondering if this might be the solution for the groundhog day situation... Or at least the root cause, but I have no clue if we can apply this to the relay at all

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That's what I ended up doing. I love the form factor and the idea behind the Wink Relays, but the devices were just too finicky for me. And once the groundhog day issue hit one of my Wink Relays, I ended up putting them back in a drawer and changed over to tablets.


I've seen a handful of people try to recover the devices, but I don't think anyone has been successful. One user indicated that the issues start to occur when the internal storage starts to fail; that it has a limited number of writes and goes into a failsafe mode.

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Thanks a lot Josh

Can you recommend me any configuration for the tablets? I have seen it's not easy to find wall mount for tablets and the tablets fitting in those wall mounts. In addition any internal relay ( cheap and reliable) would be fantastic... Thanks and sorry to bother you with this request. If I can reduce the $120 budget per tablet, it would be marvelous

If you want decent performance, I don’t think you’re going to be able to go much lower than that.

Fire tablets tend to be a popular choice as they're a good balance of power / performance - a good 'bang for the buck' if you will. You can often find the 10" Fire tablets for <$100 during sales (like Prime Day, Black Friday, etc). And the 8" for less than that.

The following thread has some tips on hardware:


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Have you seen this device?


Hello there

I spent few days trying to investigate the best and cheapest option for me to replace the relays.... this is what I did

1.) I removed the front panel of the wink relay and kept the back of the relay ( to get a 5v source )
2.) I bought 2 sonoff basic devices ( $6 dollars each)
3>) I tasmotized the devices to connect them to Hubitat.... It tooks several hours readading watching videos but I managed to doit with a serial board ( $8 value in amazon). The sonoff devices work really really well after they are integrated to Hubitat.
4.)I installed the 2 sonoff devices in the wall box where I had originally the relay in parallel to the already mentioned back of the wink relay.
5.) I used an old samsung galaxy Tab A6 and removed the back of the tablet cover
7.) I took 5v power from the wink relay piece and connect it to the tablet
6.) I screwed the back of the tablet using the same screw holes used for the original Wink relay
7.) I put back the tablet into the back cover ( already screwed to the wall)
8.) I connected the tablet and installed Full kiosk
9.) Here the picture of job finished.

The white wall cover you see in the picture is not at all related to this installation.
You can still see some old marks in the wall form the previous wink relay installation... I need to work on them.... not yet finished.
I am pretty satisficed with the result... I accept ideas, criticism, etc

Overall the cost was as follow

Tablet : $50 to $75 Several options on eBay and Amazon
Sonoff off: $6 per unit 2 units
Serial board: 8 dollars in Amazon
Full kiosk license: $8
In total less than $100

Thanks Josh for your good advises. I have a question related to the full kiosk... The motion detection is working well during the day but very difficult to wake up the tablet at night,..... I cannot find any option to wake up the tablet by touching the screen.... How do you guys solve the issue to turn of the screen at night? Thanks


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