Beta Version of remote Dashboard

I am currently running the Beta version of the new app on my Samsung S23 Ultra with the lastest update. The fix for the Dashboard is working better, but not correctly in all situations. If I am away from my hub it seems to work fine. If I am on the local network with one hub, it takes two minutes to connect to the Dashboard of the remote hub. Then selecting a partcular Dashboard works quickly. When I hit the Android back key it goes back to the original connect page for the hub. Then 2 minutes to connect to Dashboards. The key seems to be trying to connect to a remote hub's dashboard when on th elocal network with another hub.

Another issue I found with the Beta version is with presence. If I select my remote hub in the app, the current location hub does not register when I leave the geofence. I connect back to my current location hub with the app and then it recognizes I am out of the geofence. Having the app working this way would be great if I could define a separate geofence for each hub. Unfortunately, it is the same geofence in both apps. Having an option for multiple geofences and then being able to detect which geofence the phone is in would be a great solution.

When trying to access the local hub from a remote location today, I received the following error message: