[Beta Release] Bitron 902010/32 Thermostat

Here you are my first Hubitat driver: Bitron 902010/32 Thermostat

This thermostat it's very cheap (around 70 Euro) and has also limited capabilities (but I was just needing set heatpoint, then I can configure\schedule everything from Hubitat).

A minor issue is related to reporting status\changes: seems that it doesn't report temperatures and heating state on changes, but just on maxReportTime, so I had to set it to 2 minutes and thermostat reports everything every 2 minutes regardless of changes. For sure it will increase battery consumption, I'll update the topic after few months of usage.


@mike.maxwell after 2.0.5 update, my thermostat stopped reporting temperature correctly.
I don't know if the problem is in driver or it's an incompatibility between that thermostat and new 2.0.5 zigbee changes.

Actually in logs I have this:
dev:342019-02-14 09:53:17.752 debugTermostato: Desc Map: [raw:88050102010C0000299006, dni:8805, endpoint:01, cluster:0201, size:0C, attrId:0000, encoding:29, command:01, value:9006]

Previously to convert that value to human readable format I was using this function:

float temp = Integer.parseInt(value, 16)/100
temp = (settings.unitformat == "F") ? ((temp * 1.8) + 32) : temp
temp = temp.round(1)

But now seems that it's repoting something weird, for example with value 9006, temperature is 368.7 °C while it should be something around 17 °C

Unfortunately I don't have any values before upgrade, but from events it's clear that something went wrong after the update, previously temperatures were fine.

In case, here you are the zigbee protocol definition for that thermostat:

EDIT: Found it! Driver that I was using as base had a custom override for parseDescriptionAsMap, removed it using the standard HE one and it's working fine.

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